You can’t unsee this.

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This is me right now!!

This is me right now!!

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Celebratory pom+hifives 


Thanks Alex xx

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TAKING OVER! HEDLEY wildlivetour

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WGs about to take over HEDLEY wildlivetour Halifax

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WGs at HEDLEY wildlivetour preping

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BEFORE the WGs took over the HEDLEY wildlivetour Halifax

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Performed with my oh so beautiful WGs at the HEDLEY wildlive tour Halifax last night!!! OMG it was AMAZING! the lights, the people!!! and Hedley themselves were off the chain! & of course we danced like it was the last time we were ever going to dance.

At about 6:30pm, we were escorted to our seats by Alex, to watch the opening acts (Jrdn, Classified, Danny Fernandes etc) they were great!!! Alex then took us backstage to meet the band, and get a photo which after we returned our seats to watch the concert. Then about 9:20pm, Alex came back to get us; He took us to the entrance to the stage, explained how to get on the stage, danger warnings and all that then Chris (of Hedley) came backstage to ask if we were ready and the oh so gorgeous Jacob Hoggard (of Hedley) asked to see our formation and it was SHOWTIME!! I don’t think I would ever have as much fun as that packed into 5mins EVER again! It was such an experience.  

Thanks Hedley for having us ( you should consider making us your official dancers & we’ll tour with you :D)

Thanks Alex for making this happen. 

I’ll post pictures ASAP

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Al Jarreau
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Ain't No Sunshine
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Ain't No Sunshine
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I see you


I see you

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Attract what you expect,
Reflect what you desire,
Become what you respect,
Mirror what you admire.

— (via fugeees)

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my prince & princess. I miss you so much & I love you very much! I pray for you everyday that you continue to grow in the way of The Lord & you live to see many many many more years. Big sister loves you& can’t wait to see you again مشاللاة xxx #Twintwo

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