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This is porn.

Tag your porn people

Hi, I am Fisayo Hambolu & I am a FOODIE

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I can never make important life decisions on my own! I don’t know if this is good or bad, but I just can’t. I HAVE to talk to my friends. Even though they might not see it to be as serious as I think it is, they still help me to the best of their ability. Today, I was freaking out and almost cried well, maybe I cried a little because my work, dance & family plans weren’t exactly aligning. I felt like the universe just wasn’t right with me. What did I do? I didn’t even need to think 2ce about it. I called up 2 of my friends who understand my drive in respect to dance, how much I love my job & the very important role my mum plays in my life & how I live to make her the happiest woman on earth. (Jasmine even said I’m obsessed with my mum) but hey, I’m good with that. Sorry I digressed. I actually spoke to one of my friends first & then called the other hoping to get a different perspective but that wasn’t the case. I got the exact same advice from the both of them & even got mental support to make the call I had to make & thank God everything seems to be looking good.
Surround yourself with friends that believe in your dreams.
Thanks Jasmine& Chisara. I love you girls. ❤️❤️

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

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Snow White and the Seven Thugs.

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Hi guys, pls help my cousin @morelolapro win this competition by going to buntricia.com/journeytonigeria click on vote on the top right corner& vote for this picture!! Thank you so much!!! 😘😘😘

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Gave Mr Cunard a lil sumn’ 💋😉

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would you be proud to have a daughter just like you?

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Hell yes


Fusion Sports Gear aims to engineer weather appropriate garments, while changing the dynamic on the cliche of what african print should be. These fruits/vegetables showed are grown locally within Nigeria and represent much more than colourful motifs. The rest of the collection will cover other major african cities, their sports and their crops.

I can’t wait for this!!!

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#repost from @fashionsplayground….gonna need to start incorp. All these into my wardrobe…possibly starting with a haul/online sale…idk yet

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Father, please perfect that which concerns me.


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« The Real Africa : Fight The Stereotype » by Thiri Mariah Boucher

More on africanstories.tumblr.com

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Who is the most important person in your life ? that you will not want to lose ?

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Gee, there’s no one person but definitely friends (and I don’t use that term loosely) and family. But then a again I don’t hesitate cutting ties when I feel like a person doesn’t make me better or support my vision. xx

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what stretches do you do

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I mostly do hamstring stretches, back strengthening stretches and hip opening/flexing stretches. I find they’re the basics for all sorts of stretching and the most useful for all sorts of flexibility in general. :)

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what is your flexibility goal

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I’m not sure I understand your question.

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